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Bass Empire (Single track) [released March 15th 2018]

Garage Sound System (Single track) [released June 1st 2017]

Enter Now or Never (Single track) [released January 26th 2017]

Enter Now or Never is the latest track from Toscasound, continuing the tradition set with the debut album “Sound Revival” back in September. It is another breakbeat-raver with some hardstyle-inpired synth riffs and the usual heavy basslines.

Sound Revival (Album) [released September 22nd 2016]

Sound Revival is the first album released under the name Toscasound. It contains 9 tracks of breakbeat, electronica and drum ‘n bass sounds presented in true 90s rave spirit using the modern tools and sounds.

Revival (Single) [released July 29th 2016]

“Revival” continues the trend set by previous tracks “Fire Run With Me” and “Summer”, presenting some happy and energetic breakbeat / electronica sound. This is the third and final single track release from the forthcoming album.

Summer [released May 5th 2016]

Summer is fast approaching, so it is time for some Summer music! Fittingly named “Summer”, the track is all summer fun with fast drum ‘n bass beats, some dubstep-style wobbles and already familiar heavy basslines and breaks.

Fire Run with Me [released March 7th 2016]

BOOM! “Fire Run with Me” is the third track released as “Toscasound” artist name and it takes another big leap in style with pure breakbeat sounds: heavy basslines, loud synths and aggressive beats. Turn the volume up to eleven for listening 😉