Toscasound is an electronica / breakbeat / drum & bass style electronic music project of Tommi Järvinen, artist / producer / DJ from Tampere, Finland. Toscasound was previously known as Tosca, doing kind of hybrid breakbeat-trance-EDM-stuff before it was split to two different projects in 2016: Toscasound and TST Project that concentrates fully on trance.

Toscasound has so far released one full album (Sound Revival in 2016) and a bunch of separate tracks, including a remix competition entry for The Prodigy’s Timebomb Zone in 2018. I am actively working on new material for Toscasound and new releases are expected in 2019.

All Toscasound music is produced in my home studio (more on Studio & Equipment page) at Tampere. I am currently doing all my composing, production, mixing & mastering myself, as well as all the extracurricular activities like website and social media handling and even graphics design.

As well as doing music for Toscasound and my other project TST Project, I have also done some tailored music and sound design for different kinds of purposes in the past and I am still interested in such projects.  More information about my sound & music design work can be found from the website of TST Project: https://tstproject.com/sound-music-design/