Terms of Use

Don’t be afraid. It is not my intention to write a 60-page licence agreement for using my music and if you have read the about-page, you already know I am all for freedom of use. The reason to have any “terms of use” at all is just to give some information to the visitors of this page since there are surprisingly many people interested in the different possibilities of using the content. Since I am not a member of copyright organizations and the terms they have for the content produced by their members do not apply in my case, I just have to have some of my own. So, here we go:

  1. The users downloading music from this site, be it free of charge or paid content, can use the content any way they like for private use. Take as many copies you like, burn it to CD, transcode to different format: whatever you want to do with it privately is completely your own business.
  2. The music downloaded from this site (or copies made of it), be it free of charge or paid content, can be performed in public by DJs and can be used as background music in public places and performances without any extra payment for public use.
  3. For anyone wishing to use my music as part of his / her own productions (videos, music etc.) it is mandatory to contact me first to agree the details about the usage. In general I am more than willing to accept this kind of use but I do want to a) know about it and b) agree on certain things like how the author of the music will be mentioned in the production.