Celebrate the Summer with Toscasound!

Summer Cover Image SmallThe weather is warming up here in Finland, the summer is fast approaching and what would be a better way to celebrate that than releasing some music for summer listening!

The latest Toscasound tune “Summer” is now available in the usual streaming services & stores (Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, Google Play right now, others to follow) as well as free-of-charge in SoundCloud. There is also a direct listening option in the Music page for SoundCloud and Spotify content.

“Summer” is a continuum to the style evolution for Toscasound, again providing something completely fresh with fast drum ‘n bass / dubstep approach. The breaks, the heavy basslines and the radical analog soundscapes introduced with the previous single “Fire Run with Me” are also recognisable elements with the new track but overall the theme is somewhat happier and more fitting to the joyful summer atmosphere.

Feel free to leave a comment about the track to Facebook, Twitter or the comments section as well. Toscasound will be back with some more music later this year with the album release coming hopefully sooner than later. Always follow the Facebook & Twitter for the latest news and have a happy summer y’all!