The new Toscasound single “Garage Sound System” available NOW!

Kickstart your summer with some Garage Sound! The new Toscasound single “Garage Sound System” is available right now in all the usual places: Spotify, Google Play (store), iTunes / Apple Music and Amazon. SoundCloud version is of course available as well if you are not a music service subscriber or do not wish to spend your money.

The new track is all about the true garage sound atmosphere. It lowers the tempo a few notches from the usual but at the same time brings even more power and intensity to the beats and sounds. With sub basses shaking the walls, distorted analog synths screeching and huge beats forcing your feet to move, this one truly has that old skool rave-electronica-breakbeat feeling. So, raise your hands and let the Garage Sound guide you to the summer!

You can play / download the new track from the following places (more to be added once it get’s through the usual checks):

iTunes / Apple Music:
Google Play All Access:
Google Play Music Store: