Debut Toscasound album “Sound Revival” out now!

Toscasound’s debut album “Sound Revival” has been released today in streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play) and stores (iTunes, Google Play)! The album is also fully available for download and listen free-of-charge in SoundCloud for those not using the streaming services or willing to buy. The album contains 9 tracks and it is a combination of early 90’s hardcore / rave spirit and modern sounds with energetic breaks, deep analog basslines and loud synth riffs.


Full track list with short comment for each track:

  1. Genesis For Breakbeat [5:41]
    The opening track of the album has a little biblical reference for the name and intro-like beginning, representing the start of the new era in Toscasound productions. After the intro the track develops into a rolling breakbeat-driven energy booster showing the way for the rest of the album.
  2. Revival [4:00]
    The almost-title track and the latest single release of the album has the spirit of the early 90’s rave parties built-in, with analog soundscapes in basslines and synths combined with traditional breakbeat sound.
  3. Fire Run With Me [3:40]
    The very first single track release of the album was also the first track written for the album so you can say this one started it all for Toscasound. It may have a somewhat Twin Peaks-inspired name but the track is less mysterious and melodramatic and more energetic and powerful, with distorted synth lines leading the way and retro analog main riff adding some spice for this breakbeat piece.
  4. Limit & Control [4:52]
    After the tireless energy boost of the first three tracks this one gives you a breather by taking a bit more peaceful approach right from the start. Piano-like soundscapes set the theme for this electronica piece and although the breakbeat drums and the main synth riff come in and take this closer to the trademark sound of the album, this one still counts as “peaceful” in Toscasound scale.
  5. Summer [4:10]
    This drum & bass-inspired happy summer piece was the second single release from the album. After the relatively peaceful intro part, the heavy basslines and fast-tempo breaks & synth riffs kick into give this a real summer party feeling.
  6. Analog [4:50]
    Almost every album has that one track that is a bit different and stand out from others. While this one also has some familiar Toscasound elements to it, it takes a different path with even more analog-based sounds in all levels and even drum sounds take a step towards acoustic direction. Main synth riff and buildup also has some echoes from the past with somewhat EDM / trance-like feeling.
  7. Dark Matters [3:52]
    Welcome to the dark side! Admittedly it’s still some way off the black metal & doom kind of darkness, but heavily distorted and filtered beats and loud synths give this piece a sort of an electro-industrial and depressing atmosphere that gives it a “Caution! Dark Matter”-label within this album.
  8. Summer Beats [1:42]
    This is a sort of reprise / outro-type version of the single track “Summer”. It only uses the half-tempo beats of the original track with some darker synths and arpeggiate sounds while keeping the original wobbles, making it sound a bit dubsteppish. I try very hard to avoid that, but sometimes you just can’t help it…
  9. Fire Run With Me (Attack Mode Mix) [4:13]
    A previously unreleased remix of the first single track of the album raises the tempo and gives the track even more energy. The track represents the perfect finale showing all sides of the album once again and hopefully makes you want to listen the album again ūüôā

New track “Revival” is out now!

Revival single coverA brand new Toscasound track “Revival” is out now in streaming services (Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music) and stores (Google Play, iTunes). As usual, it is also available completely free of charge for streaming and downloading through SoundCloud as well for those who do not use the commercial streaming services.

“Revival” presents trademark happy and energetic breakbeat and electronica sound combining deep basslines, heavy analog synth riffs with aggressive beats, continuing the trend set by the previous releases “Fire Run With Me” and “Summer”.

This is the third track released from the forthcoming album and it is also the last one to be released separately before the album launch. Exact details and release date of the album will be published here in the near future and there are more news coming up for the Toscasound productions as well, so stay tuned and remember to follow Toscasound on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud to get the latest news as soon as they appear!

Celebrate the Summer with Toscasound!

Summer Cover Image SmallThe weather is warming up here in Finland, the summer is fast approaching and what would be a better way to celebrate that than releasing some music for summer listening!

The latest Toscasound tune¬†“Summer” is now available in the usual streaming services & stores (Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, Google Play right now, others to follow)¬†as well as free-of-charge in SoundCloud. There is also a direct listening option in the Music page¬†for SoundCloud and Spotify content.

“Summer” is a continuum to the style¬†evolution for Toscasound, again providing something¬†completely fresh¬†with fast drum ‘n bass / dubstep approach. The breaks, the heavy basslines and the radical analog soundscapes introduced with the previous single “Fire Run with Me” are also recognisable elements with the new track but overall the theme is somewhat happier and more fitting to the joyful summer atmosphere.

Feel free to leave a comment about the track to Facebook, Twitter or the comments section¬†as well. Toscasound will be back with some more music later this year with the album release coming hopefully sooner than later. Always follow the Facebook & Twitter for the latest news and have a happy summer y’all!

Brand new track “Fire Run with Me” now out on Spotify, Google Play, iTunes / Apple Music, SoundCloud, …

Fire Run With Me CoverToscasound has taken another leap to a new direction with brand new track “Fire Run with Me” that is available NOW in the most popular streaming services and stores (with more stores / services to be added in the next few weeks). “Fire Run with Me” is pure breakbeat energy with loud sounds, heavy basslines and aggressive beats and it represents the new form of Toscasound music, continuing the evolution started with the previous “Home / Less is More EP”.

Direct links to “Fire Run with Me” in different services:

Google Play

As usual, the track is of course also available in the music page, with direct Spotify playback possibility in addition to normal SoundCloud player now as well.